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Das gedruckte WSJ macht heute auf zwei interessante Aspekte der möglichen Kurs-Manipulation durch Elon Musk aufmerksam. Zum einen „Ad-hoc-Mit­tei­lun­gen“ per Twitter. Das geht grundsätzlich:

    The SEC generally allows companies to disseminate news using social media as long as they have told shareholders they might use those channels in ad­di­tion to regulatory filings. Tesla told investors in a November 2013 filing to follow Mr. Musk’s Twitter feed for “additional information” about the com­pa­ny.
    The company filed its regular quarterly report with the SEC Monday evening, days after the board discussions had begun, but it said nothing in the report about a potential buyout.

Interessanter ist der zweite Punkt:

    Tesla has $920 million in convertible bonds that come due in March, with a conversion price of $359.87. If Tesla stock is below that level at the time, the company will have to spend cash to redeem the bonds; if the stock price is above that level, the convertible holders will convert them into Tesla shares, relieving the company of the need to lay out cash.
    Tesla had $2.2 billion in cash on its balance sheet as of June 30 and free cash flow of negative $1.8 billion in the first half of 2018. Tuesday’s spike took Tes­la stock above the trigger price, and the shares remained above it Wed­nes­day, though they slipped 2.4% to close at $370.34.