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Der Shitkopp Greg Rabinovich lässt auf Bellingcat nicht locker … 13. Mai 2016:

    Shadows cast by the “MH17 Buk” indicate that it is fleeing a crime scene eastward toward Russia. So, why does it still has all four missiles mounted?
    Which of the following do you think is more likely:
    1) the Buk is a custom five-missile edition designed to covertly shoot down commercial airliners
    2) the Buk shot down MH17 with a spare missile mounted on TELAR’s side to keep it away from prying bellingcat’s eyes
    3) on direct orders from Pujtin, the Buk’s crew replaced a missing missile with an inflatable one
    4) bellingcat is peddling bull, again.

Arthur replied:

    Wrong day Greg. This was not taken on the morning of the 18th when it was supposedly filmed fleeing but on the morning of the seventeeth when it was travelling west.
    This is basic, basic stuff so is it that ROFL
    A) you can’t read?
    B) comprehend basic facts?
    C) you are completely full of shit?