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meduzaDas aus Russland geflohene russische Polit-Magazin Meduza hat Bewohner des russischen Donezk da­rüber befragt, was sie über die ukrainische Pilotin Nadija Sawtschenko denken, der in ihrem kleinen Kaff der Schauprozess gemacht wird: „Whoever’s guilty, put ’em up against the wall’ What Russian locals in Rostov think about Ukrainian pilot Nadezhda Savchenko’s trial

  • Vitaly im Tarnfleck: „Savchenko? She’s guilty. I take a negative view of Savchenko. Put her in front of a firing squad. Actually, you know what—let her out, and when she’s running, say, “Hey-hey-hey, where are do you think you’re going?” and then shoot her. Every day in this city, everything’s all backed-up. Millions have been spent on her already, like, carting her here and there, across the region. And they feed and clothe her with our taxes. She should be executed with all that evidence—because she violated the border …“
  • Natalia, die Ärztin: „Savchenko is guilty and should go to jail. Thank God she’s on trial …“
  • Andrei und Victor, Mittags im Park Bier trinkend: „We really don’t care … Savchenko, of course, she must be judged. In general, it needs to be done like Stalin did it—put ‚em all up against the wall. Whoever’s guilty—all the fuck up against the wall! In general, we don’t care, understand?“
  • Nikolai Semenovich, der Rentner: „Everyone is fed up with this Savhcenko already. She needs to be thrown in jail without any kind of trial for her attempting to escape, and that’s it …“
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  • Tatiana Serafimovna und Louise Vuarovna, ebenfalls Rentner: „We don’t really understand … She’s guilty, and they should punish her. It is a pity, of course; it’s all for nothing. She’ll be tried, and it’ll go on and on, and then she’ll be released all the same. All this—just to send her back to Ukraine. We are against this, because she must be punished. Give her a life sentence—she deserves it! She sits here for a year growing fat on our bread. Don’t ask me about those hunger strikes! Go look on the Internet, and see that mug of hers! [lachen.]

Der Artikel wurde in der englischen Ausgabe von Meduza veröffentlicht. Werfen Sie mal einen Blick rein. Es lohnt sich … Russki Mir aus der Sicht der Opposition, die es in der Russki Mir gar nicht mehr gibt.