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new_yorker-27-01-2014Präsident Obama ist zurzeit in Plau­der­lau­ne. Das zeigte nicht nur sein vorgestriges Interview mit dem ZDF, sondern noch mehr ein In­ter­view im heute er­schei­nen­den New Yorker. Darin gibt sich Barack Obama auf 18 Seiten sehr pro­fes­so­ral nach­denk­lich, wiegt Für und Wider von Diesem und Jenem ab und lässt über diese Worte staunen:

    Then Obama insisted that what Snow­den did was “not akin to Wa­ter­gate or some scandal in which there were cover­ups in­volved.” The leaks, he said, had “put people at risk” but revealed nothing illegal. And though the leaks raised “legi­timate policy ques­tions” about N.S.A. opera­tions, “the issue then is: Is the only way to do that by giving some twenty-nine-year-­old free rein to basic­ally dump a moun­tain of infor­ma­tion, much of which is de­finitely legal, de­finitely ne­ces­sary for national se­curity, and should pro­per­ly be clas­sified?” In Obama’s view, “the benefit of the de­bate he gene­rated was not worth the damage done, be­cause there was an­other way of doing it.” Once again, it was the Pre­sident as Pro­fessor-in-Chief, as­sessing all sides, and ob­ser­ving the tilt of the scales. (The day be­fore his speech last week on re­forming the N.S.A., he told me, “I do not have a yes/no answer on clemency for Edward Snowden. This is an active case, where charges have been brought.”)

Der Klammerzusatz ist von Obama autorisiert! Das Cover vom New Yorker ist wie immer passend genial: Cum grano salis taut’s 😆

Hier noch besagtes ZDF-Interview: